The New Way To Fund Charities
Make A Difference
Zero Additional Cost
The New Way To Fund Charities
Make A Difference
Zero Additional Cost

Our Program


Charge For Charity has created a program that allows merchants to make donations to their favorite charities without any cost to themselves or their businesses.

Is there a catch?

None whatsoever. Charge For Charity has a unique relationship with Ignite Payments, a First Data Company, one of the largest credit card processor in the world. What this relationship provides is that a portion of your credit card processing fees is paid to the charities you designate.

What does this mean?

It means that we can offer you this program:

  • Use Ignite Payments, a First Data Company processing. They will match or beat your current processing costs – again, no extra cost to you and perhaps a savings.
  • Conduct business as normal
  • Tell us where you want donations to be made.
  • We take care of the rest and give you quarterly statements. And we notify the charities you choose that you are the source of the gifts, we include you on our promotional material as a Merchant Member of Charge For Charity, and we provide you with certificates and decals so that your customers know of your participation

What’s the bottom line?

Your monthly processing fees will be the same or less than they are now; and worthy causes you select will benefit every time a credit card is used to buy your goods or services.

But some transactions are so small. Why bother?

We are all familiar with point of sale charitable giving where the cashier asks the customer if he or she wants to give one dollar to a charity. A recent study of this type of giving found that almost $400 million was raised in one year.* And that required someone to actually pay a dollar. We can raise more than that without asking anyone (either you or your customer) for anything.

Every merchant we add grows the circle of giving. With a large enough circle, no donation is too small. Consider these examples: In one promotion the cashiers at J.C. Penny’s asked customers to round up their bills to the next dollar. Those pennies at Penny’s made $10 million in a six-month period. McDonalds has loose change canisters at its checkout points which raise at least $20 million a year for Ronald McDonald House.* Notice that in those cases and others like them, people have to actually do something and merchants have to actually collect and pay something. In the Charge For Charity Program, no one has to reach into a pocket, write a check, or fill a can to do good. You just keep doing business and we do the rest.

* Hopfensperger, Jean "Charities Cashing in as Shoppers Round Up at Checkout," December 24, 2014

I like it, but I already process through First Data or Ignite. Can I still join?

Your rates won’t change but charities will start to benefit the day you sign up.


Together with our merchants our mission is to become one of the largest charitable giving institutions in the United States, by simply redirecting a portion of the $1.8 billion dollars spent annually by merchants on credit card processing fees!
Doing Good Feels Good

Make A Difference!

By joining with Charge For Charity you can make a difference to the community and you can make a difference for your business.Charities benefit from increased giving. Regardless of how large your contributions end up being, the money given on your behalf, multiplied by thousands and thousands of merchants just like you will form a donor group among the largest in the United States.Your business benefits with positive press and increased giving. We will provide identification and brand awareness so that your customers know that you participate in Charge For Charity.Charge for Charity benefits by growing its portfolio. It’s a winning scenario for all parties involved.

Setup Is Very Easy And There Is Zero Additional Cost To Your Business or Customers

The Charge for Charity Promise

We are committed to making it easy for businesses to start or increase their charitable giving – exponentially increasing available funds for charities.

  • We match (to the penny) or lower your existing processing rates.
  • There is no out of pocket expense to enroll in the program.
  • The charity of your choice will receive twenty-four percent of the gross processing revenue we receive on your account.
  • Every three months a donation is made in your business name to the charities of your choice
  • Your business will receive a quarterly and annual statements outlining the donations made on your behalf.
  • Your business will be listed on Charge for Charity registry of participating businesses. You will receive a certificate of participation and decals attesting to your membership.
  • Ignite Payments, a First Data Company advanced and secure technology will provide the best payment services available today!

Enrollment Is Easy!

If you currently accept credit and debit cards you can start donating immediately once your account is activated with Ignite Payments, a First Data Company as a Charge for Charity member.

Our professional support staff will manage the entire process and provide exceptional customer service for the life of your account.

We make it easy to give with easy Enrollment!

How To Get Started

We need only a few things from you in order to get started:


If you want any further information, then please call us at this number 800-287-8585 or send an email to this address

We will be glad to help answer any question about our program.If you like what you’ve read and want to sign up – then call the same number or email us. We’d be thrilled to have you as a Charge For Charity member. Let’s pay it forward together.

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